Des Rolph
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Critique by Warren Palmer, lecturer QUT (Queensland University of Technology, Retired) and the BIA (Brisbane Institute of Art). 01/05/2006

Re: Desley Rolph

Exhibition: Stillness and Quiet

The first known paintings made by man were discovered in the caves of Lascaux in Spain. They depicted man (the figure) in the landscape a theme (10,000 years later) that still fascinates painters.

In this exhibition, Des Rolph continues on her journey of investigating the spirit of the landscape in this case a very spiritual spirit the "Min Min Light".

When I first saw her work, I was impressed with the quality of the light the "glow" in her paintings as well as with the very "painterly" quality of her pictures. Rolph's work has developed a multi perspective compositional quality, which now allows for a more complete and personal involvement by the viewer. This quality of involvement is further enriched by the artist introducing the symbol of the spirit of the "Min Min Light", which embraces, or is embraced by the figure the human a lovely and original way of welding together the "figure in the landscape" theme.

This is, indeed, a definitive exhibition by this talented young artist, and as Rolph continues to explore and investigate the multi-faceted spirit of the landscape, so will her work be enriched. It all started 10,000 years ago let the journey continue.