Des Rolph
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Selected to feature as an Artist of Inspiration by Professor Nell Arnold, globally through cyber corridors, Out of Australia.

November 5, 2010
“At 40 I was painting the paddocks and fences in rural Australia,” Des shares in interview with
Nell Arnold, Director of Out of Australia campaign. “I was painting what I saw, not what I felt. I
was not satisfied and so I dialogued with myself.”
“What do you see?” – I asked myself. I responded, “I see colour, the colours of my first emotions
when I come upon a scene. Driving up the road to the property, the colours in winter were
vibrant, breath taking, and heart grabbing.”
Her dialogue with herself continued, “So why not paint what you see and feel?” Des answered
her own why with a question. “Why not?” and thus the artist, caged within, was released to
paint what she saw with her heart.
Australia is grateful - for the works hold the passion for the country where landscapes and sky
stretch forever. Where sun’s early light turns dry grass to gold and nights skies stretch into
eternity; where people meet the challenges of drought, floods, locusts – yet fight to hold on to
their patch be it 100 or 30,000 acres.
Into these landscapes Des now introduces spirits revisiting – a grandmother passed some time
ago, women of original cultures whose stories share the legacy in the land, and a contemporary
young woman whose courage, as invisible wings, carries her through water, across deserts and
over mountain ridges - walking with her a wingless bird, swirling behind her are cockatoo, and
before her the stars spill out of the sky to light a path.
Des Rolph’s brush is inspired, contemporary, ethereal, bold.
Des’ stunning Australian landscapes, both
natural and mystical, hang in private and
corporate collections internationally.
Des Rolph (galleries)
Return to the Out of Australia Gallery
for a December feature introducing
Queensland artist, Desley Rolph and her
new series of works – TASMANIA.
Des will also be collaborating with other
artists, poets, film makers and story tellers –
instilling her talent and spirit as she reaches
Out of Australia to share her “awe inspiring
landscapes of this country.”
Prof Nell Arnold
61 07 3202 8940