Des Rolph
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Why I've been absent

Hi everyone,

You may be wondering why I have not updated my website over the past couple of years or posted anything about what I have been doing. 

Unfortunately, I have not been well, having been inflicted with Addison's Disease (Secondary), a disease that effects the adrenal glands therefore not being able to produce over 50 hormones we need to function properly, including the most important hormone, cortisol (the stress hormone).   Cortisol is essential for life and without we will die within days of not being able to replace it. Being as stress hormone, our bodies need extra when exposed to any sort of stress, eg. any illness, injury or extreme emotional stress. I need to take replacement hydrocortisone for life delivered via a pump, however it is not as easy as this sounds and does not fully replicate how the body uses it, therefore quality of life for many with this disease is impaired.  Because it effects the auto immune system, I also developed insulin dependent diabetes, and because of having to medicate with steroids, I have also developed a painful condition due to this medication called avascular necrosis which has so far effected one hip and likely to effect other joints in time. 

One of the major symptoms of this disease is extreme fatigue, however there are many other symptoms that are not fully controlled by our replacement medication due to not being able to measure how much cortisol is circulating in our bodies like we can measure blood sugars for diabetes. When faced with illness we need more, but how much more is always a guessing game. We need an emergency injection kit that delivers a high dose, with us at all times in times of sudden stress eg .accident or high fever. 

I have recently began painting again for my personal enjoyment, without the pressure of painting for exhibition.  I hope to find a happy medium within myself so that I can find a way to become consistent with my work once again. 

Best wishes to you all.